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You have to start somewhere...

When Limitless Gear Clothing first started... It started with just over 100 t-shirts of the lowest quality of material available. All folded by size, colour, in the back of a trunk of a car. Driving across one side of town back and forth (in reality just covering fuel because the margins were so bad) but with the intensions of truly making a difference from the beginning. Many would dismiss the idea of holding one of the 100% Cotton T-shirts in their hands because of the quality, until a vison, a mindset what the future would look like with the brands mentality of something we should all try and remember from time and time again, a childhood like imagination where if you believed in something so strong enough with plenty of hard work anything would be possible...

When you been through enough of the low moments in life like having a sense of abandonment, anger, depression. Basically many issues with feeling like one could not find their place in this world. You start coping with whatever substances one could get his/her hands on. In return the sorrows became worse, the troubles became worse, the distance between everyone else became worse. where a lifestyle of "Doing the same actions over and over again expecting different results" - Albert Einstein That lifestyle only led to seeing how short truly life can be...

When you see how lucky we should all feel to be able to take a deep breath and be alive, you understand that living a job 9-5, Monday to Friday that either stresses you out or doesn't fill your own personal needs of fulfillment. Is NOT what one should continue to do. As life continues on and we get older, more responsibilities, more pressures... We lose that childhood imagination of what it like to believe anything is possible once again!

That is why Limitless Started in the first place to help individuals that we still have the options of reaching for the stars, as well we are stronger with a community mindset!

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