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Powerful Stories, Limitless Possibilities

Nash Doucette

Limitless Gear Ambassador Nash

My Story: @nash_doucette

My life changed completely in December of 2018, when I got the news that my brother had passed away. He committed suicide.... and nobody saw it coming.

My heart dropped, and I didn’t think any of this was real. I looked up to him, he taught me everything I knew in life and I tried to be just like him.


After this I started to get into a really low spot in my life. Everyone would look at me differently and wouldn’t talk to me because no one knew what to say as they didn’t want to hurt me. I started skipping school almost every day, drinking every single day after work or school, hanging around with the wrong crowd and getting into bad things. The only person that I felt comfortable talking to all this about was my girlfriend because I thought everyone around me would judge me for the state I was in.


I wanted to die because if the person I looked up to couldn’t pass the hard challenges in life then how am I supposed to?. Mental health and awareness is no joke and should be taken very seriously.

"Shift Gears in Life, Be Limitless"

I reached out to Cody, the owner of Limitless Gear. He inspired me with his story and his brand, his story made me realize that I want to help others out around the world that have struggled with mental health issues.

My goal is to get my story out there. People need to know that everyone goes through a lot in life, and even though what we go through may be different it all still hurts just the same. We can get through it together.


Limitless Gear Ambassador Joceline

I never had what people considered a normal childhood.


I was abused in so many ways from the age of 11 up until 16. I went from being a straight-A student to almost failing out of the 7th grade. I did what I had to do to finish. I moved in with my grandparents and was given the help and support I needed. I went through a dark time when I did try to end it all. I ended up in the psychiatric hospital on two separate occasions. I then finally figured out that life is indeed better and I began the hard and long journey of bettering myself. I graduated high school almost on the honor roll, and I was accepted into collage for paramedics. My life was doing great!


Until August 17th 2019 My grandfather and greatest protector passed away very suddenly. I took it so hard, and I was a mess. To make things worse I was 9 months pregnant. I had my son 6 days after his death. That was the hardest thing to go through. After that was a spiral of postpartum depression and even higher anxiety. I have now started to rebuild myself and my self esteem. Listening to Cody talk about his story really influenced me and hit home About moving forward.

I have recently decided to step away from paramedics and go into addictions counseling. I want to help make a difference to people who really need it, and to show them they are not alone and that they can do whatever they put their mind too! Show them that they are worth it. They can beat it! They can do anything they want and so can I!”


"When you share a story of overcoming obstacles you empower others to do the same! Life Is Limitless."


Limitless Gear Ambassador Kryztle

In 2003 I went from being able to walk to becoming paralyzed from a car crash. At the young age of 13, the crash broke 14 bones including my lower back.


For the last 16 years i have been a public speaker for both smart risk and for the Prince Albert party program.


I over came my disability and the challenges it caused. All the while becoming an athlete! competing in both sailing, and cross country skiing. I have competed in two Canadian games competitions, and a worlds competition in my sports career, showing that life is Limitless no matter what it may throw your way!

Do you have a story you want to share with the world? We want to hear it! Registration for the Limitless Ambassador Program is always open at the contact link below.
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