Before The Brand...

The owner of the brand, Cody Demerais, was not always on his current path; he battled with many addictions and mental health issues and his his lifestyle lead him to become in trouble with the law more often than not. This young man eventually was involved in an incident that would change himself and his best friends life for good.


After leaving a party together in high school,both intoxicated,  they were involved in a car crash. The car was going 116 km/hr and suddenly came to a complete stop from hitting a tree. Cody had his seat-belt on, but his friend did not. His friend almost didn’t survive the accident; Cody attempted to take his own life knowing this. Thankfully it was unsuccessful.


The two young men both eventually healed together and continued on with their lives; they have done plenty of public speaking together about the incident that they overcame. These two have survived, exceeded expectations, and pushed limits. 

Beginning Of The Brand...

After surviving the events of his younger days, Cody felt he had a responsibility now, a Calling, a Purpose!

He wanted to impact people’s lives in a positive light and in uplifting messages. He was tired of the misery and depression he lived with for years trying to find his way in life...

Then Cody remembered an Art project back in grade school. The project was to come up with your own label (Brand)... This stuck with the owner for some reason since then, and as he worked as an EA for ’Youth at risk’ as a young adult. He started reading positive, self help books, and later on, he came up with the idea to make his grade school project a reality...


The idea bounced around his mind for months, until one day it clicked after watching his favorite movie “Limitless”; the concept of becoming truly limitless pulled on his heart strings and that’s what he set out for. He aims to inspire and motivate people to strive to be limitless and live a happy life by overcoming expectations and stepping outside of their comfort zones.


The owner saved up a couple paychecks as an EA to buy his first box of T-Shirts, that he folded, separated by size and colour and put in the trunk of his car. He would drive and meet buddies across town in the mornings before work and after selling and spreading the message of being “Limitless”...

The Brand Today...

After just starting three years ago out of the trunk of the owners car, the brand has made its way to a full retail Location, in the Hometown of Prince Albert Saskatchewan, where it all started...

The brand continues to have a positive light, and impact those that hear of the messages behind the brand.

As for the owner, Cody, will be the first one to admit the brand has saved his life. It gave him a purpose and he enjoys every single day spreading the brands motto “Shift Gears, Be Limitless”.

From the very first day of opening the store front on November 29th 2019, he received an ”Inspirational Award” from his Community as a Metis Leader, as well as being named one of the finalist for “Young Entrepreneur Of The Year” through the chambers of commerce (results TBA)... The brand continues on and has no end to it in the near future, we’re a brand with a message, and we are here to motivate and inspire!

When you believe you have the ability and capacity to do great things in life, “Life Is Limitless”
- Cody Demerais/Founder

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