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Shop Local This Holiday Season

We are excited for this holiday season, and we believe that promoting and supporting local is extremely important. With that, we wanted to give a few updates about Limitless and how we can make your shopping experience perfect this holiday, while also supporting local.

1. We offer free shipping anywhere in Canada, with all purchases over $100. We know how those shipping fees can feel, so we have you covered!

2. We are located downtown Prince Albert, where parking is a Fee. If you don’t have change in your vehicle make sure you just ask us, we’ll spot you the meter.

3. Did you know all of our products get stitched, embroidered, & printed Locally? Every dollar you spend with our shop contributes to other small local businesses!

4. One of the bonuses we offer not just the during the holiday season, but through the whole year is free delivery within the city limits of Prince Albert! Order online from the comfort of your home and get it delivered right to your doorstep!

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