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Merry Christmas From Limitless Gear

We have had one amazing Christmas holiday season and we are so THANKFUL for that!

We have some short messages from us at Limitless on what we are thankful for this year!

Colton Cartier/ Website Designer- "Being my first official partner in website design, Limitless gave me the opportunity to be a part of the brand on the online side, while still spreading the brand's values and message"

Sara Fremont - “ I am thankful for working with a great team who pushes me to be my best. I really enjoy learning all I can from Cody and interacting with each person who comes to the store. The meaning behind the brand is something I value and I am grateful to be apart of the team.”

Cody Demerais/ Owner - “I am completely thankful for the support we seem to receive each and every single day, seeing a childhood art project reach so many people in an impactful way is true blessing!

The team we have at limitless is another thing I truly am grateful for. I know the work and energy Colton, Sara put into the brand and it makes it so much more!”

We close Thursday, December 23rd at 6:30 Pm

We will be offering an ONLlNE ONLY Boxing Day Sale of 15% off Sunday, December 26th.

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