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East Central Rink Fundraiser

We have had a few questions about “why the hockey rink fundraiser next for limitless?” Here is our why...

There was a family that use to take me to watch the WHL Raiders play when I was around 10 years old. After watching the intensity and the excitement I decided I wanted to start hockey at a later age then most.

In saying this my mother along with 700 other folks just lost their jobs at Weyerhaeuser. So, it wasn't necessarily the best time to ask to play hockey with having no equipment or past experiences...

I remember this being a very important part in my life, as this was when I needed to decide for myself, give up on the hopes of playing Hockey or do something about it...

I decided to get my first almost fulltime job at age 11 after school and during that summer cutting grass and taken care of people’s yards. Most of my friends were at summer camps or the lakes with their families and I was earning my goal of playing hockey one day.

With some help from some family friends and selling us some of their son’s older equipment and the money I made from working, I was able to start playing something that meant a great deal to me.

It was a time in life that made me happy and helped keep me out of trouble (while I was playing at least), also ingrained a work ethic that I am completely grateful for, as it has helped become the entrepreneur, I am today...

"Once you believe you have the ability and capacity to do great things, that's when life becomes limitless" - Cody Demerais

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