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Community Pride

I was born and raised in Prince Albert. This is where most of my family, and friends are, this is where we started the brand out of the trunk of my car. This is where our first store front opened and where our HQ will always be.

Being raised here in Prince Albert, I didn't know any different in the world, until hearing what people that were not from P.A would say, about how rough it is... For a long time when I had a negative mindset I believed what others would say, and sometimes I would join in the conversation - not my proudest moments...

When I worked in the trades as an apprentice millwright a few years ago. I worked a Monday to Friday job in Lloydminster. The company would give us Friday afternoon off for travel as most of us commuted. My biggest highlight of my work week was driving across this bridge every Friday waiving to about half a dozen people that you know. That's the feeling of community to me.

The truth is where ever you are in life it comes down to mindset of how you embrace your community, you can be one to call it down, be upset with current surroundings. Or you can embrace the beauty your community has to offer. That was one of the goals for our latest designs at Limitless, Embrace the beauty of our community by putting our iconic Bridge on some of the comfiest Clothing you'll wear.

Be proud of where you live, and if you want to see change, be the change you want for the future!

Owner - Cody Demerais

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