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Big announcement for the East Central Rink Fundraiser

With a bit of unexpected developments, as well as inflation / cost increases to our business, We at Limitless Gear had to make a call to lower our fundraiser efforts for the East Central hockey Rink. Our goal that we made only a couple months ago was for 10,000$.


This is still considered a HUGE WIN for us, and any small business knows running and operating can be challenging at times. All the love and continuous support our community has shown us over and over again has made us feel blessed and filled our hearts❤️.

It was truly a community coming together and supporting each other. And with a community doing that the potential Impact is LIMITLESS. Thank you everyone who has supported our small business this far, and will continue to do so in the future!

A huge shout out to Joanne Tournier for her incredible work of organizing the build for the hockey rink in the first place. She has spent many volunteer hours and some amazing great intentions for the community to make all of this happen. We commend her for being a true Leader! We wish East Central a giant good luck in achieving their goal to build the hockey rink!

“Once you believe you have the ability and capacity to do great things, that’s when life becomes limitless” - Cody Demerais

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