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Lake Country Co-op Birch Hills

1 Wilson St, Birch Hills, SK S0J 0G0
(306) 749-2222

Lake Country Co-op Birch Hills

Lake Country Co-operative Association Limited is a member-owned co-operative with several locations throughout communities in North Central Saskatchewan. Lake Country Co-op (formally known as Prince Albert Co-op) was established in 1940.

Lake Country Co-op is a part of a network of retail co-operative associations across Western Canada called the Co-operative Retailing System (CRS). We are owned by our members, who democratically elect community delegates who in turn elect the board of directors who hire the Chief Executive Officer of our association that aligns with our vision, mission and values.

Lake Country Co-op continually strives to be involved in our communities by hiring local Team Members, selling local products, and donating to local charities. We also continue to return millions of dollars every year to our members in equity and cash back. Our commitment to staying local is important to our business and truly makes us the co-operative we are today.

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