Limitless Gear Clothing And Apparel was created for the purpose of inspiring and Motivating others to step outside of their comfort zones, do something that makes you uncomfortable in a way that grows you as a person in a healthy positive way, using your full Limitless Potential!


Our brand and our story, started out of the trunk of the owners Car, January, 2017 with his first box of t-shirts he had ordered. He Envisioned the brand too be exactly where it is now, in a full retail store three years later, but he also had the mission to give back to as many as possible through donations of merchandize or money given back to Charites and many causes for physical and mental health.

Not only has the brand inspired many to go forth to reach there dreams and goals, but Limitless Gear has saved the owners life from addictions and dark times when he was hanging on to life by a thread.


He is now inspired to Motivate and change lives through the power of the message behind the Clothing Brand, and with Public Speaking!

Limitless Gear Clothing And Apparel “Shift Gears, Be Limitless”


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